Email and Spam Protection

24/7 monitoring of your email systems

Email is undeniably one of the most powerful and popular communication tools for businesses. You use it every day to get in touch with clients, contact vendors, and communicate with colleagues. But are you aware of the many security threats out there that could infiltrate your systems and compromise your business data?

expertIT's email services provide you with industry-leading protection from known threats that could contaminate your emails and steal sensitive information.

When we support your cloud-based or in-house mail system, you will receive:

  • Spam reduction/elimination - preventing infected messages from ever arriving in your employee's inbox is the first line of defense in preventing viruses and malware
  • Mobile access - ensure your employees can access messages across devices from anywhere while ensuring sensitive data and documents are secure
  • Configuration - ensuring your mail system is compliant with current security standards means fewer sending/receiving issues

Give your email the protection it needs