As a non-profit business owner, you have many different people to serve: the people you help, the partners you work with, the donors that help sponsor your cause, and many others. You need the same reliable and efficient technology as for-profit businesses, without going over your tight budget.

This is where expertIT comes in. We deliver cost-effective IT solutions that assist with your administrative, service and marketing needs. With the help of our certified technicians, you can focus on providing services for those in need, not dealing with IT issues.

expertIT provides a variety of IT solutions for your non-profit organization including:

  • Maximum efficiency - utilize time saving technologies to streamline workflows
  • Proactive support - we work around the clock to provide the support you need
  • IT management - we take care of your technology so you don’t have to

Get best-in-class technology without breaking the bank

expertIT supports popular industry software including:

Microsoft Office 365
Microsoft Office