In today’s technology-driven world, your business is at your fingertips. You can easily connect what’s happening in your manufacturing firm with your offices, suppliers and customers. You can even use technology to produce and ship products from wherever you are. But what happens when something fails? This is where expertIT becomes a valuable partner.

Network failure can cause a drop in productivity, costing your business valuable time and money. What’s more, a loss of data due to a virus, natural disaster or theft can be even more detrimental. expertIT helps troubleshoot routine network issues, develop processes to protect your business from disasters and plan for technology upgrades, while you focus on turning the production wheel.

expertIT provides a variety of IT solutions for your manufacturing firm including:

  • Data backup and enterprise-wide disaster recovery - we keep your data safe and make sure you get back on your feet even after a disaster.
  • Protection from security breaches - we ensure robust security with multi-level protection, anti-virus and real-time monitoring solutions.
  • Managed services and help desk support - we take care of your entire IT infrastructure and offer help in a flash.
  • Cloud computing - maximize efficiency through collaboration, data accessibility and work mobility made easy.
  • Hardware solutions - enjoy the hardware you need without the high licensing cost and the frustration of procurement.
  • VoIP/phone system management - break down the communication barriers within your business and enjoy advanced telephony features without breaking the bank.
  • Vendor management - leverage the best IT solutions and support from industry-leading vendors without any of the hassles.
  • Email and spam protection - we make sure your email is spam, virus and malware-free so you can communicate with ease.

We provide the technology and expertise you need

expertIT supports popular industry hardware and software including:

UPS WorldShip
SDS/2 Design Data
ShopData Systems