Family-Owned and Operated

expertIT isn’t just a business, it’s our livelihood. Our family prioritizes client relationships and building trust. Supporting your success is part of our core values.


24/7 Support

IT emergencies can occur at any time and we know response times are critical. We offer both on-site and remote IT support to resolve any issues you may encounter quickly.


Personal Service

Tired of a new technician showing up at each appointment? We pride ourselves on personal service; we get to know your business and your team and you get to know our family. If you need help, you know just who to contact for a quick response!



We want the best things for our family, and to us clients are family. We don’t lock our clients into long-term contracts – our fast, friendly service at a great value speaks for itself.



We offer both On-Demand and full-service options so you can choose the IT support that best fits your needs and budget.



We will help you save money on everything from hardware and software purchases to phone and internet services.

Our Story

John has spent his entire career providing IT support to businesses throughout West Michigan. Through this experience, John noticed that oftentimes the smaller businesses were neglected in order to prioritize the larger, more profitable customers. We opened expertIT in 2005 to focus on providing budget friendly IT services to local, small businesses so they have the same access to technology, tools and service as their corporate competitors.

In 2013, we grew out of our home office and moved to our current location in Kentwood. While both of our sons grew up with the business and often helped with jobs like sending out marketing mailers, ordering supplies and cleaning the office, Cameron joined the team full-time in 2016 and is often the first person you will talk to when you call the office and the person who comes on site to investigate your issue. JJ has also joined the team full-time in 2022 and is taking a lead role in website and phone service support along with computer maintenance such as ensuring everyone’s software and firmware stay up to date. If you don’t see Jodi as often as the guys, it’s probably because she’s busy with all of the back-office tasks (often with sleeping pugs at her feet!).

Businesses in West Michigan love working with us!

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